Fine Art

Fine 2000 spot uses a 1200w double-end short-arc discharge lamp. It can fully reflect the powerful effects by the followings: professional CMY mixing, CTO color temperature correction series, 1 color wheel with 7 color filters, 2 rotating gobo wheels with 10 rotating gobos, which can also rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise direction, 1 effect wheel with three- facet prism, beam shaper, alterable fogbow effect, 0-100% dimmer and strobe, 5-100% alterable iris, 10-55° optical zoom, three sets high-definition lens components, quick scan at pan 540°,tilt 270°. Ballast option: electronic or magnetic.


● 1200W double-ended short-arc discharge lamp
● Optical zoom 10°-55°
● CMY color mixing system + linear CTO(6500K-2800K)
● 1 fixed color wheel (7 +1)
● 2 rotating gobo wheels (5+5),10 gobos
● 1 effect wheel (1 three-facet prism+1 beam shaper prism+ 1 frost filter)
● mechanical iris (5-100%), fast movement(preset macro function)
● 0-100% mechanical dimming + fast strobe(1-10 times/sec)
● Pan 540°,Tilt 270 °,8 bit or 16 bit resolution
● LCD display menu, English and Chinese language option
● With high-performance electronic hardware and mature humanized software control system, the fixture is stable and reliable.
● Modular structure design, simple, fast and convenient maintenance